A strong sense of community in Laredo

Inspired by prairie architecture and old fashioned neighbourhoods, Laredo is reflective of country living. Idyllic white post fences, rolling paths and central Canada Post mail boxes connect you with your neighbours.

Architectural Standards

House Plan Approval Form - Laredo 2015_05_Laredo_guidelines_FINAL

Phase 1

Laredo 1 Easement Plan Laredo 1 Garage Plan Laredo 1 Grades Plan Laredo 1 Legal Plan Laredo 1 Lotting Plan Laredo 1 Marketing Plan Laredo 1 Setback Plan Laredo Marketing Plan Phase 1 Larado 1 Row 1 Larado 1 Row 2 Laredo 1 Building Grade Cert Laredo 1 Building Grade Cert-Lalor Drive Laredo 1 Building Grade Cert-Lazaro Close Laredo 1 Building Grade Cert-Lowden Close Laredo 1 Building Grade Cert-Viscount Drive Laredo 1 Clean Plan Laredo 1 Dimension Plan

Phase 2

Laredo Building Grades Revised 2 Laredo Building Grades Revised 3 Laredo Building Grades Revised 1 Laredo Ph 2 LUNDBERG CRES_BGC Laredo Ph 2 LAROSE CRES_BGC Laredo Ph 2 LALOR Drive_BGC Laredo Ph 2 LANCASTER DRIVE_BGC Laredo Ph 2 LINDMAN AVE_BGC Laredo Ph 2 LUTZ CRT_BGC Laredo Ph 2 LOCKE PLACE_BGC Larado Ph 2 Blank Larado Ph 2 ROW Plan Larado Ph 2 Garage Plan Laredo Ph 2 No Front Garage Lots Laredo Ph 2 Legal Plan Laredo Ph 2 Dimensions Plan

Phase 3

Larado 3 Garage Plan Laredo 3 Marketing Plan Building Grade Certificates-Little Close Building Grade Certificates-Lindman Ave Building Grade Certificates-Larratt Close Laredo 3 Drafting Plan Laredo 3 Grade Plan B (as built) Laredo 3 Grade Plan A (as built) Laredo 3 Building Grades 2 Plan Laredo 3 Building Grades 1 Plan Laredo 3 Lotting Plan Laredo 3 ROW Plan Larratt Close Building Grade Certificate Lindman Ave Building Grade Certificate Little Close Building Grade Certificate

Phase 4

Laredo 4 Registered Plan Laredo 4 Setback Plan Laredo 4 ROW Plan Laredo 4 Marketing Plan Laredo 4 Grades 2 Laredo 4 Grades 1 Laredo 4 Approved Setback Plan Laredo 4 Lotting Frontage Plan Laredo 4 R3 site Laredo 4 subdivision-rev1 Longmire Close Building Grade Certficate Livingston Close Building Grade Certificate