Public Lots for Sale

Choose your lot, choose your builder.

Our communities are generally available exclusively to our selected, high quality builders.

On occasion, however; we release a few residential lots to the public for sale. This is a unique opportunity to choose your lot and choose your builder in one of Melcor’s exclusive amenity-rich neighbourhoods. Lots for sale to the public are listed below.

To browse available lots, click on a residential community below. You will see the available lots by stage, including lot maps to help orient you to the location of the lot. For those looking to build their own home in an established, residential community, Melcor lots for sale to the public are an excellent option. Our lots are built with the care and attention of a builder that is proud of its name and reputation. And we design our communities to be full of details and amenities that go above and beyond most neighbourhoods. Our communities are for more than living, they built for loving life and building community with your neighbours.

Here’s just a few of the many amenities our communities feature:

  • naturalized ponds
  • playgrounds
  • school sites
  • multi-use trails with lighting
  • spray parks
  • parks and green space
  • golf course backing
  • neighbourhood shopping centres with all services
  • walkable communities
  • community gardens
  • community orchards
  • ravines
  • public transportation
  • upgraded entry features
  • boulevards with mature tree canopies
  • architectural controls to create cohesive streetscapes

All of our communities focus on family-friendly living that make them practical and fulfilling places to live, work, shop, and play. For detailed information about each community and its amenities, please visit our residential community search page and search for the community that you are interested in. For any questions regarding land lot purchase or information, please email us at or give us a call at 780.945.4797.

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