Wall of Encouragement

Wall of Encouragement

Melcor has collaborated with Make Something Edmonton and local designer Clay Lowe to install a permanent mural on the north facing wall of our 100 St. Place building.

The mural reads, “Take a risk. It’s the most Edmonton thing you can do.”

Risk taking is a theme that we encounter again and again in the origin stories of things we love about Edmonton. A history of taking calculated risks has contributed to Melcor’s longevity and success. This core value has shaped much of what we do, and in turn helped to shape Edmonton’s landscape.

Risk taking is a fibre embedded in Edmontonians. It’s an entrepreneurial tick that each of us has, but only some of us listen to.

We want Edmontonians to hear us when we say “Take a Risk!” That’s why we put it in the loudest place we could think of – on the side of a building.

Our aim is not only to encourage our citizens to take action on a project of their own, but also to challenge our fellow building owners to join us in treating empty walls as canvases for colour and inspiration.

To collaborate with Make Something Edmonton, email hello@makesomethingedmonton.ca.

Learn more: makesomethingedmonton.ca/encourage/
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See the mural: 10150 100 Street | Best viewed from Churchill Square
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